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Instructions for Printing a Copy of the Deed

To print a copy of a deed for a property from the Polk County Property Appraiser website one must first locate the parcel details for that property by using the "Property Search" feature of this website. The "Property Search" feature can be accessed by selecting the "Property Search" tab in the tab bar. Property Search tab location in the tab bar
On the Property Search tab select the Search Type that you wish to use. The default is to search by the name of the owner of the parcel. Property Search types location
Enter the name, address, or parcel number to search for in the textbox, then click the button labeled "Search Records". Property Search textbox and button locations
Find the property that you wish to print a copy of the deed for in the search results list and click on the Parcel ID. The Property Details will be displayed. Parcel number location
In the Property Details locate Sales History and click on the OR Book/Page link for the sale that you wish to view the deed for. A page from the Polk County Clerk's website will be opened to display the deed. Location of link to deed
Find and click the button near the top of the page labeled "PDF / Print All Pages". PDF / Print All Pages button location
Clicking the "PDF / Print All Pages" button will cause a "View" link to appear to the right of the button. Click this link to view the PDF of the deed. View link location
The deed is generated as a PDF. You may choose to save or print this PDF. To print this PDF either click the print icon in your browser window, the location of which varies depending upon browser, or press the <ctrl> and <p> keys on your keyboard. Print icon location
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