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Important Note:  These forms cannot be electronically submitted.  Please see instructions on form.

Form # Description Form Options
AG / Agricultural Classification / Greenbelt  
  Agricultural Classification Guidelines PDF iconPDF
  AG Classification Application General Instructions PDF iconPDF
* DR-482 Agricultural/Greenbelt Application
  AG Commercial Evidence Request PDF iconPDF
  AG Tangible Return Requirement PDF iconPDF
General Information  
  Address Change Request PDF iconPDF
  Address Verification Affidavit PDF iconPDF
  Certificate of Trust PDF iconPDF
  Electronic Notification Consent PDF iconPDF
  Request for Confidentiality PDF iconPDF
  Active Military Grant PDFiconPDF
* DR-504HA Ad Valorem Tax Exemption Application and Return - Homes for the Aged
* DR-504 Ad Valorem Tax Exemption Application for organizations
  Affidavit of Separation PDFiconPDF
* DR-463 Application for Abatement of Taxes for Homestead Residential Improvements
* DR-418C Conservation Exemption Application
* DR-501M Deployed Military Exemption Application
* DR-501TS Designation of Ownership Shares of Abandoned Homestead
Exemption Cancellation PDFiconPDF
* First Responder's Employer Certification of Injury WordiconDOC
* First Responder's Physician Certificate of Total and Permanent Disability WordiconDOC
* DR-501PGP "Granny Flat" Exemption Application
* DR-501 Homestead and Related Tax Exemptions
* DR-504S Individual Affidavit for Ad Valorem Tax Exemption - Homes for the Aged WordiconDOC
* DR-416B Optometrist's Certification of Total and Permanent Disability
* DR-416 Physician's Certification of Total and Permanent Disability
* DR-501SC Seniors 65 & Over Exemption Applications
* DR-501A Statement of Gross Income for Totally and Permanently Disabled Persons
* DR-501T Transfer of Homestead Assessment Difference
Real Estate  
* DR-452
  • Adverse Possession Return Instructions
  • Adverse Possession Return
  • Adverse Possession Return
* DR-482C Conservation Assessment Application
* DR-402 Declaration of Mobile Home as Real Property
  Request for Combine or Split of Real Property PDFiconPDF
* DR-492 Return of Pollution Control Devices
  TPP Request For Extension of Filing Date PDFiconPDF
  TPP Return Authorization PDF iconPDF
* DR-405 TPP Tax Return PDF iconPDF
Value Adjustment Board  
* DR-486 Petition to the Value Adjustment Board
* DR-486Port Transfer of Homestead Assessment Difference
  VAB Petition Instructions PDFiconPDF
* DR-485WI Withdrawal of Petition

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