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A Message from Marsha Faux, Polk County Property Appraiser

I am pleased to announce that I have been given the opportunity to continue serving as your Property Appraiser for the next four years. It is my honor and privilege to serve the citizens of Polk County and I cannot thank you enough for your support. I also want to take a moment to thank my incredible staff for their hard work and dedication. We will continue to provide excellent customer service and hope that we exceed your expectations in the years to come.

Again, thank you.

Marsha Faux, Polk County Property Appraiser
June 2021

Florida Department of Revenue Hurricane Ian Resource Page

The Florida Department of Revenue has published a Hurricane Ian resource page to keep Florida taxpayers updated and informed of available resources post Hurricane Ian. Information relevant to Florida property owners can be found at the bottom of the page under the Property Tax Oversight accordion. The Florida Department of Revenue will continue to update this page as more information and resources become available.

The Department of Revenue provides a Homeowner's Guide to answer Frequently Asked Questions for homeowners affected by Hurricane Ian.

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February 2023


The Polk County Property Appraiser's Office is now accepting exemption applications for the year 2024.

(If you purchased and moved into your home before January 1, 2023, you may now file for a 2023 exemption.) If you have purchased a new home and had a previous homestead on another home in Florida, you may be eligible for portability - the transfer of some or all of your old homestead's "Save Our Homes" benefit (the difference between your market and assessed values due to the annual cap on increases).
  • To file online please click HERE
  • To file in person, visit our offices located in Bartow or Lakeland. (Click here for addresses). No appointment is necessary to visit our Bartow office. Your application will be taken on a first come, first served basis.
The late file deadline for Homestead and other exemptions is Monday September 11th, 2023.

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September 2022

Florida Public Records Statute (FS 119.071) Amended

The Florida Public Records Exemptions Statute, FS 119.071, has been amended as it relates to the publicly available records maintained by the county property appraiser and tax collector. As a result, exempt (aka confidential) parcels and accounts have been added back to our website and FTP data files. No owner names or Official Records books and pages of recorded documents related to these parcels/accounts, will appear on the Property Appraiser’s website or in FTP data files. In addition, the Polk County Property Appraiser mapping site has been modified to accommodate the statutory change.

See Senate Bill 781, which takes effect on July 1, 2021, for additional information.

To request an exemption from public records click the links below:

Polk County Property Appraiser Request to Block Information from Public Records
This form MUST BE submitted with a current photo ID by the person who is qualified for the confidentiality.
NOTE: The Property Appraiser Form also applies to the Tax bill provided by the Tax Collector's office.

Request for Redaction of Exempt Personal Information From Non-judicial Public Records (
NOTE: The Clerk of Court is an independent office that offers separate confidentiality related services for recorded documents available online such as deeds - a separate application is required.

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February 2023

Tax Exemption Application Status

If you have applied for a Tax Exemption and would like to know the status of that application, you can check the parcel detail page of our website. Look for the section titled Exemptions.
  • Tax Exemptions approved for the current tax year will be listed in the Exemptions section of the parcel detail page.
  • If an application has been submitted but is awaiting review, you will see a message that states; A Tax Exemption Application has been filed on this property and is awaiting review by the Exemptions Department.
  • Once your application has been reviewed by the Exemptions department, you will receive an email listing the status of each Tax Exemption for which you applied. The status will be either approved or denied. If the exemption is for the current tax year it will be listed on the parcel detail page of our website. If your exemption was approved for next year, it will show on our website the following year.

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February 2023

Limitations on Homestead Property Tax Assessments

Effective January 1, 2021, the timeframe during which a property owner may transfer accrued save-our-homes benefits from a prior homestead to a new homestead has been increased from two to three years. This law change is the result of the voters’ approval of Constitutional Amendment 5 in the November 3, 2020, general election.

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February 2023

Ad Valorem Tax Discount for Surviving Spouses of Certain Deceased Veterans Who Had Permanent, Combat-Related Disabilities

Effective January 1, 2021, an ad valorem tax discount received by a permanently disabled veteran is eligible to carry over to the veteran’s surviving spouse and can be transferred to a new homestead, if the spouse holds legal or beneficial title to the homestead property, permanently resides on the property and has not remarried. This law change is the result of the voters’ approval of Constitutional Amendment 6 in the November 3, 2020, general election.

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February 2023

Notice of Proposed Property Taxes (TRIM)

The Notice of Proposed Property Taxes, also called the 'Truth in Millage' (TRIM) Notice is mailed annually in mid-August. The TRIM Notice is also available on our website.  

The TRIM notice is not a bill.  It is an estimate of proposed property taxes based on the proposed tax rates, property value, and exemptions. The TRIM Notice includes the date and time of budgetary public hearings for each taxing authority and certain non-ad valorem assessment information.

read more

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June 2021

Property Tax Education Forum Video

On August 31, 2021, The Polk County, Florida Constitutional Officers Presented A Virtual Property Tax Education Forum. The forum was designed to address public interest in Property Tax related issues. Please see Polk County Constitutional Officers Present A Virtual Property Tax Education Forum - Polk County Tax Collector ( for additional information.

Our very own, Sharhonda Roberts, Assistant Property Appraiser, is the first presenter. She demonstrates how to use the website.

The above video was produced and is hosted by third parties and may not conform to all of the Polk County Property Appraiser accessibility standards.
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March 2022

Our Office Does Not Release Tax Payer Phone Numbers or Email Addresses

Recently, we have received multiple phone calls and emails from homeowners asking if our office has provided contact information (phone numbers and email addresses) to 3rd party vendors. We have not AND will not release this type of information.

Information including owner name, mailing / site address, and value data is public record and available on many governmental websites. Phone numbers and email addresses, however, are generally provided to the Property Appraiser on AG Classification and Exemption applications, etc. These types of forms are known as returns. All returns of property are confidential documents in the hands of the Property Appraiser in accordance with Florida Statute 193.074. This statute includes federal income tax returns or other attachments which are designed to be supplemental to or become part of, a return.
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Aug. 2019

Florida Tax Exemptions for Disabled First Responders (FS 196.102)

Any real estate that is owned and used as a homestead by a person who has a total and permanent disability as a result of an injury sustained in the line of duty while serving as a first responder in the State of Florida or during an operation in another state or country authorized by the State of Florida or a political subdivision of Florida is exempt from taxation if the first responder is a permanent resident of this state on January 1st of the year for which the exemption is being claimed.

The tax exemption carries over to the benefit of the surviving spouse as long as the surviving spouse holds the legal or beneficial title to the homestead, permanently resides on the homestead property, and does not remarry.

Click here for more information and filing instructions

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Jan. 2017

Making a difference. Every day, every customer! - Please complete our 5 second survey

Our goal is to gather information from our taxpayers on how we can make a difference every day, every customer. If you have a few seconds to spare, please follow the link below to complete a quick survey on the service you've received from our office. We would love to hear from you. Thank you in advance for taking the time to give us your feedback!

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June 2017

Florida Department of Revenue Notice: Extension for Filing Tangible Personal Property Returns

The Department has received questions from property appraisers regarding the upcoming deadlines for taxpayers and local officials to complete property tax activities.

As a reminder to all property appraisers (PA), section 193.063, Florida Statutes, authorizes PAs to grant a 30-day extension for taxpayers to file a Tangible Personal Property Return (Form DR-405). The PA may grant, at his or her discretion, an additional 15 days for the taxpayer to file the return. Taxpayers must provide the request to the PA before the return’s due date of April 3rd, 2023. Taxpayers must provide the name of the taxable entity, tax identification number and the reason for the extension request.

The Department understands that local conditions may change rapidly in the coming days and weeks. Please notify the Property Tax Oversight program of office closures or staff quarantines that impair your ability to serve taxpayers or meet other due dates. The Department will continue to monitor the situation and provide additional guidance on upcoming deadlines as appropriate. Report office closures and send any questions to Please provide the date the office will close, the date the office is planning to reopen, and contact name(s) and phone number(s) that can be reached during the office closure. In providing the guidance above, the Department has considered input from your offices, guidance from the Florida Department of Health and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the need for citizens and local government staff to practice social distancing. We appreciate your cooperation and concern for your employees and Florida’s taxpayers.

The Polk County Property Appraiser accepts requests for a 30 day Extension, to May 3rd, via the Tangible Online Filing website or in writing. All requests must be received or post marked on or before the April 3rd deadline.

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March 2020


Per State and Federal Guidelines social distancing is strictly enforced in all Polk County Property Appraiser offices which may increase wait times.

Bartow Office Open to the public Monday – Friday 8 AM to 4:30 PM Bartow
Lakeland Office Open to the public Monday – Friday 8 AM to 4:30 PM Lakeland
Winter Haven Office Open to the public Monday – Friday 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM Winter Haven
Office hours effective Monday, January 24

Customers may conduct business with our office using any of the alternative methods listed below:

  1. Visit our website:
    1. Look up property information @
    2. File for Homestead or other Tax Exemptions @
    3. File a Tangible Return @
  2. By Email:
    1. Tax Exemptions
    2. Appraisal and Value
    3. Deed or Ownership
    4. Tangible Personal Property
    5. GIS or Mapping
    6. Americans with Disability Act (ADA)
    7. All other Questions
  3. By Mail: 255 N Wilson Ave, Bartow FL 33830
Our goal remains to provide exemplary customer service during this time. We will continue to monitor the situation and update our notices as needed.

NOTE: A large portion of our staff will continue to telework in accordance with recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). As a result, there are limited number of staff in the office to answer calls. If you have difficulty reaching us via our Main Office number (863-534-4777), please leave a voicemail and a member of our staff will contact you. You may also contact us using the email addresses listed above.

Please DO NOT send personal information like SSN, birth dates, etc. via email. Under Florida law, e-mail addresses are public records. If you do not want your e-mail address released in response to a public-records request, do not send electronic mail to this entity. Instead, you may mail this office at the address above.
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June 2021

Become part of the PCPA Team!

Our office is always looking to grow and better serve the residents of Polk County and you can help us achieve our goal by becoming part of our team. As an equal opportunity employer, offering a great working environment with competitive pay and substantial benefits; the PCPA office can provide you with new opportunities and the start of a rewarding career.

Please take a moment and browse our Employment page to see the current openings but remember to check back often as we update postings weekly.

June 2021

Are You Eligible for the Polk County Active Military Combat Duty Grant?

Did you know that Polk County Veterans Services offers an Active Military Combat Duty grant of up to $1,500.00?

Eligible military members should complete the application and attach the required documentation. The application and attachments should be sent to Polk County Veteran Services, 1290 Golfview Avenue, PO Box 9005, Bartow FL 33831-9005.

  1. In the last four years, did you serve in the United States Military in a designated combat zone; see Polk County Ordinance No 07-011 for designated combat zones?
    Are you the widow of a Veteran or member of the Military that served in a designated combat zone in the past four years and have not remarried?
  2. At the time of service, was your primary residence in Polk County?
  3. Did you have a valid Homestead Exemption for that property?

  1. A certified copy of combat duty orders and proof of combat service in any particular year or years covered by Polk County Ordinance No 07-011.
  2. A copy of your Polk County Tax Payment Receipt for the appropriate year.
  3. Proof of Homestead Exemption for the appropriate year.

The Polk County Property Appraiser's office does not oversee this grant but is providing this information as a courtesy to our veterans.
If you have additional questions, please visit the Polk County Veterans Services webpage or call (863)534-5220.
Jan. 2015

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Notice of Certification of Tax Rolls

2022 Preliminary Tax Roll

Pursuant to section 200.065(1) F.S. and 129.03(1) F.S., notice is hereby given that the Polk County Property Appraiser has certified to each taxing authority the taxable value within the jurisdiction of the taxing authority as of the certification date listed below.

Preliminary tax roll certification date is July 1, 2022.

Value Adjustment Board (VAB) Certifications


Pursuant to section 193.122(2), F.S., notice is hereby given to all taxpayers and owners of both real and personal property that the 2022 Polk County Tax Rolls have been extended to show the tax attributable to all taxable property and that said tax rolls are certified for collection to the Tax Collector as of the certification date listed below.

The tax roll certification date is October 12, 2022.


Pursuant to section 193.122(3), F.S., notice is hereby given to all taxpayers and owners of both real and personal property that the 2021 Polk County Tax Rolls have been extended and reflect all changes made by the value adjustment board together with any adjustments or changes made by the Property Appraiser and that said tax rolls have been recertified to the Tax Collector as of the recertification date listed below.

The tax roll recertification date is March 29, 2022.
Oct. 2021

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Property Tax and Budget Information (Statewide and Local)

Pursuant to section 195.052 F.S. the Florida Department of Revenue (DOR) shall conduct research and maintain accurate tabulations of data and conditions existing as to ad valorem taxation for all county and municipal governments in the state. This law also requires the DOR to annually publish such data to facilitate fiscal policymaking and to make recommendations to ensure property is equitably taxed throughout the state.

Such data shall be published, at a minimum, on the DOR website and on the websites of all Property Appraisers. The links below provide access to budget information and statewide / local property tax data.

DOR Florida Property Tax Data Portal
Polk County Property Tax Overview
Polk County Property Tax Information
Polk County Proposed Millage Rates
Polk County Final Millage Rates
Polk County Tax Roll and Budget Documents
Jan. 2016

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  • You have moved from your homestead property.
  • The homestead property owner is deceased.
  • You are renting your homestead property.
  • You and your spouse own separate properties and both are receiving homestead exemption.
  • You and your spouse own a second home in or out of state and both are receiving homestead exemptions or residency tax credit.
  • You have remarried but are receiving a widow/widower exemption.

 If you are unsure of your exemptions, contact our office.
July 2015

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Citrus Health Response Program (CHRP) Assessment Policy
For Polk County Abandoned Grove Initiative

The Citrus Health Response Program (CHRP) is the successor program to the Citrus Canker Eradication Program (CCEP).

The purpose of the program is to manage the impact of citrus canker and citrus greening in commercial citrus groves. To accomplish that purpose, this program declares citrus canker, citrus greening, and the Asian citrus psyllid to be plant pest and nuisances. The program also sets forth procedures for establishing quarantine areas, identifying regulated articles, decontaminating regulated articles, and regulating the movement of citrus nursery stock from areas quarantined for citrus greening. (Rule: 5B-63.001 F.A.C.)

Please provide our office with the following required documentation:
  • CHRP Abandoned Grove Compliance Agreement
  • Verification of Voluntary Destruction of Citrus Trees
  • If the property is not currently receiving the greenbelt classification, an Application for Agriculture Classification must be submitted

Agricultural Classification

Properties currently receiving the agricultural benefit will not have to file a new application; however, parcels not under the greenbelt classification will be required to file an application with the Polk County Property Appraiser office prior the statutory date of March 1. Statute 193.461 (3) (a).

If the application is submitted after March 1, the application is considered a Late File Application. Therefore, a Good Cause Statement must be submitted explaining the reason why the application was late.

CHRP Documentation

In order to receive the CHRP Abandoned Grove assessment for the current tax year, CHRP documentation which has been approved and dated prior to June 30 of the applicable year, must be submitted to our office.

Use Change

The landowner must maintain compliance under the Abandoned Grove Compliance Agreement. The lower assessment will be in place for a period of 5 years per FS 193.461 (7) (a).

After receiving the CHRP Abandoned Grove assessment, if a different agricultural operation is put into place, other than citrus, the assessment will change according to the current ag use. Any non-agricultural use will be assessed as full market value.

Sale or Transfer of Property

If a parcel is sold or transferred while an Abandoned Grove Compliance Agreement is active, the agreement is no longer valid. The parcel will be assessed at full market value unless a new ag operation is put into place and a new application is filed.

Citrus Health Response Program

General and Contact Information:

CHRP Assessment Policy

Compliance Procedure:

The Local CHRP Office Procedures for Abandoned Grove Compliance Agreement (AGCA) are:
  • Grower contacts Local CHRP office and provides Abandoned Grove property information (Location, Tax ID Etc.).
  • Local CHRP office visits grove to verify it is Abandoned.
  • Grower kills or pushes the grove.
  • Local CHRP office visits grove to certify it is pushed or killed.
  • Grower Signs AGCA.
  • Grower provides a copy of the Signed "AGCA" and "Verification of Voluntary Destruction of Citrus Trees" to the Property Appraiser.

Citrus Health Program Office

Winter Haven Office

Serves: Hillsborough, Pinellas, Polk, Osceola, Manatee Counties

Supervisor: Jeremy Gilbert
3027 Lake Alfred Road
Winter Haven, Florida 33881-1438
(863)227-0160 Cell
(863)298-3002 Fax

DPI Helpline: 1-888-397-1517
Aug. 2017

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Conservation Easements/Land Exemptions

The 2009 Legislature enacted legislation creating an exemption for real property dedicated in perpetuity for conservation purposes and an assessment reduction for lands that are subject to a conservation easement, environmentally endangered, or land used for outdoor recreational or park purposes. To qualify for either an exemption or assessment reduction, property owners must file an application with the Property Appraiser.

Conservation Exemption:  Newly created, section 196.26, Florida Statutes, outlining the definitions and requirements for owners to apply for an exemption for real property dedicated in perpetuity for conservation purposes.   Form DR-418C was drafted for applicants whose property meets the requirements for a conservation exemption. 

Requirements for Exemption:
  • Must comprise at least 40 contiguous acres
  • If less than 40 contiguous acres, the land can qualify if it meets the other requirements in this statute and the use of the land for conservation purposes is determined by the Acquisition and Restoration Council created in Section 259.035, , F.S. to meet a clearly delineated state conservation policy, if it yields a significant public benefit, and it must have a management plan and a designated manager responsible for implementing the plan.

Conservation Easement Reassessment: The Legislature also amended section 193.501, F.S., requiring an application to be filed with the property appraiser for property to be assessed at a reduced value if used for conservation. Form DR-482C was drafted for applicants whose property meets the requirements. Form DR-482CR, Land Used for Conservation Purposes Assessment Reapplication, is a short form to annually reapply for the assessment reduction. Please note that this is not an exemption, but a reduction in the land assessment.

Requirements for Reassessment:
  • Must provide instrument which conveys the development right or establishes a covenant for the conservation purposes of the land for 10 years or more.
The owner must also specify which of the following apply to the property:
  • Meet the requirements of a conservation easement in section 704.06, F.S.
  • Designation as environmentally endangered by resolution of the municipality or county as described in 193.501(6)(i), F.S.
  • Designated as conservation land in an adopted local comprehensive plan
  • Used for outdoor recreational or park purposes as described in section 193.501(6)(g), F.S.

The forms are posted at
Jan. 2015

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Avon Park Air Force Range Training Notification

Polk County is home to the Avon Park Air Force Range, a training facility for all branches of the military, police, and national security agencies. Properties that may be affected by these training activities will have a notation on the parcel detail.

Click here for more information.

April 2014
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Important Dates

Web site date
Friday, August 11, 2023

Mail out date
Thursday, August 17, 2023

File a petition deadline
Monday, September 11, 2023

Missed the 2023 VAB deadline of September 11, 2023 and can show good cause? File a GOOD CAUSE PETITION.
2023 Late Filing Period
3/2/2023 - 9/11/2023

Pre-file for 2024

You may file in person, via mail, email, or online.
Office Locations
TPP Tax Return Deadline

Extension Request Period
3/20/2023 - 4/3/2023

Good Friday

Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day

Veteran's Day

11/23/2023 - 11/24/2023

12/25/2023 - 12/26/2023

New Year's Day

Martin Luther King Jr. Day