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Mapping services will be intermittently unavailable on 3/11/2023 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM due to required maintenance.
You are on the DR server, a number of features will be disabled.
The Property Appraiser office is currently experiencing telephone service issues at our Bartow office. The problem has been identified and is currently being resolved; if you need immediate assistance please contact through our email contact page.
Due to Hurricane Dorian, Polk County Property Appraiser offices will be closed on Tuesday, September 3rd.  We will be open on Wednesday, September 4th.
The Polk County Property Appraiser has migrated a large portion of our staff to telework. As a result, we are experiencing issues receiving and responding to phone calls to our Main Office number at 863-534-4777. Please contact us via one of the email addresses listed below.
The Polk County Property Appraiser has migrated a large portion of our staff to telework, leaving a limited number of staff in the office to answer calls. If you have difficulty reaching us via our Main Office number (863-534-4777), please leave a voicemail and a member of our staff will contact you. You may also contact us using the email addresses listed below. Staff will be unavailable 5/8/2020, as our office will be closed for commercial cleaning.

Photo of Marsha Faux Property Appraiser

Marsha M. Faux, CFA, ASA
Polk County, Florida
Property Appraiser

Welcome to our website! We hope you find the information inside easily accessible and useful. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.
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Deed fraud is on the rise state-wide. News Channel 8 recently aired a segment on TV, and posted an article to their website, which highlights this issue: Dunedin man discovers his house stolen through deed fraud (

As a result, we are seeing an increase of incoming calls from homeowners concerned about deed fraud.

Concerned homeowners should subscribe to the Polk County Clerk's Office Property Alert Service. Signing up for this service alerts you to possible fraudulent activity on your property in Polk County, Florida.


A number of Polk County residents received a letter from First Documents, Record Transfer Services, and others stating the need for homeowners to pay for a "Current Grant Deed and Property Assessment Profile". (SAMPLE LETTERS)

The Polk County Property Appraiser's office wants you to know that property records and deeds may be obtained online for little or no cost to you and without having to pay a service.

  • Current Property Deeds and all property/owner information is available on our website; the information is found by using our Property Search feature and locating your property. Once located, you can get a copy of your deed or print a PRC - Property Record Card. See below for additional instructions.

    How to get a copy of your deed
    How to print a PRC

  • You can also visit the Polk County Clerk's Official Records Search to receive certified documents.

If you have any questions, please contact the Clerk of the Courts or the Property Appraiser's Office.



2023 Agricultural Classification applications deadline to file was March 1, 2023. Properties currently receiving the Agricultural Classification benefit will not have to file a new application; however, parcels not under the classification will be required to file an application with the Polk County Property Appraiser office prior to the statutory date of March 1 Statute 193.461 (3) (a) unless ownership has changed.

If the application is submitted between March 2 and the VAB deadline, the application is considered a Late File Application. Therefore, a Good Cause Statement must be submitted explaining the reason why the application is late.

File Tangible Return Please review the Agricultural Classification Guidelines


Marsha Faux, Polk County Property Appraiser, urges new homeowners to file for Homestead Exemption for the 2023 tax year on or before the deadline. The deadline to file is Wednesday, March 1st, 2023. You must have purchased and moved into your home on or before January 1, 2023.

If you had a previous homestead in Florida, you may be eligible for portability - the transfer of some or all of your old homestead's "Save Our Homes" benefit (the difference between your market and assessed values due to the annual cap on increases).

If you miss the March 1st 2023 deadline, you will have the opportunity to submit a late file application between March 2 and the VAB deadline.

Please note a late file application will not receive a certified denial. Applicants that provide a valid email will receive a courtesy status change email once their application(s) are processed.


Please take into consideration our offices are extremely busy with the approaching deadline of March 1st, 2023, and 2024 applicants may want to postpone applying in person until after March 1st, 2023. However, once our website reflects the ownership is in your name, you can apply anytime for Homestead, Portability, Senior (Age 65 and older), Widow/Widower, Disability, and Disabled Veteran Exemptions.

Please view the Help File for online filing instructions.
File for an Exemption Homestead Exemption Required Documents Do You Qualify for Additional Exemptions?


Florida Statute 193.052 requires that all Tangible Personal Property be reported each year to the Property Appraiser's Office. The deadline to file is April 3rd*. If you do not file a return or extension by the deadline, you will not qualify for the $25,000 Tangible Personal Property Exemption.

Please see Extension for Filing Tangible Personal Property Returns notice from the Florida Department of Revenue.

File Tangible Return Please view the Help File For online filing instructions.

For alternative filing options, please contact one of our 3 office locations; Lakeland, Winter Haven or Bartow (click here for phone numbers).

Important Notice:  Change of Ownership can result in the loss of homestead or non-homestead cap

Per Florida Statutes 193.155, 193.1554, 193.1555, a change of ownership or control can result in the loss of homestead or non-homestead cap, with the property being reassessed as of January 1 of the year following the change.  Based on the aforementioned statutes, “a change of ownership or control means any sale, foreclosure, transfer of legal title or beneficial title in equity to any person, or the cumulative transfer of control or of more than 50 percent of the ownership of the legal entity that owned the property when it was most recently assessed at just value”.  Please see the statutes for a list of exceptions.  When considering the preparation of any legal document regarding your property, you may wish to consult with a title company or real estate attorney for assistance.


On December 16 Governor Ron DeSantis signed into law section 197.3181 Florida Statutes which provides for a partial refund of 2022 property taxes for residential dwellings rendered uninhabitable for at least 30 days due to Hurricane Ian or Hurricane Nicole. The Department of Revenue has prepared a Hurricane Ian guide to help homeowners understand the details.

To be eligible for a refund:

  • The property must be determined “uninhabitable,” that is the property could not be used or occupied for the purpose for which it was constructed for a period of at least 30 days during the 2022 calendar year as evidenced by documentation.
  • The owner of the property must file a DR-5001 application with the property appraiser’s office by April 3, 2023. The law provides that this date is April 1, 2023; however, this date is a Saturday, and therefore the date is extended to Monday, April 3, 2023.
NOTE: The applicant should file the application even if they have not paid the taxes due.

New Northeast Government Center slated to open May 1.

The Polk County Property Appraiser is excited to announce that we are moving our Winter Haven Branch office to better accommodate the growth in Polk County.  Our new home will be located in the NE Government Center - 200 NE Government Center Blvd, Lake Alfred 33850.
Our Winter Haven Branch office will be closed April 24, 2023.   Property appraiser services will resume at the new Lake Alfred location on May 1, 2023.

Our office in the new government center is nearly double the size of our current Winter Haven location.  The additional space will allow us to serve more customers throughout the year.  This is especially important during our busiest seasons:

  • JAN - MAR 1Homestead and Exemption Filing
  • MID AUGMailing of the Truth-In-Millage (TRIM) Notices
  • EARLY NOVMailing of the Tax Bills

Our larger and more modern office will not only accommodate an increase in the number of customer service staff, there is room for staff members from other departments to aid and assist our customers as needed.  As always, the programs and services available via a visit to our main Bartow office are and will continue to be available at our Lakeland and new Lake Alfred branch locations.

The Property Appraiser's website, email, and telephones will be fully operational during the moving process and you should not experience any changes or delays in service during that time.  To contact us, please visit the contact page on our website:  Phone Number and Directions (

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve the citizens of Polk County and we look forward to providing excellent customer service from our new location!!!


January 1 of each year is our assessment date. In order to qualify for exemption it is necessary that the applicant have legal title to the property on January 1. If the closing and the official documents conveying ownership are dated after January 1, the applicant will not qualify for exemption for the upcoming year.
Important Dates

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Friday, August 11, 2023

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File a petition deadline
Monday, September 11, 2023

Missed the 2023 VAB deadline of September 11, 2023 and can show good cause? File a GOOD CAUSE PETITION.
2023 Late Filing Period
3/2/2023 - 9/11/2023

Pre-file for 2024

You may file in person, via mail, email, or online.
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