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Income and Expense Forms

The Polk County Property Appraiser’s Office is currently reviewing property for the Tax Roll. To ensure accurate and fair assessment of income-producing properties at market value as of January 1, we ask owners of these properties to share financial information with us. Your compliance with this request not only assists our office with the assessment of your property, but with the assessment of similar properties as well. Please select, complete and print the appropriate form (below) for your property type(s) and submit it to the Property Appraiser’s Office (contact info at bottom of page) by May 1, . If you need help selecting the correct form for your property, please use the Income and Expense Form Selector

The above link requires searching for the parcel owner by name to determine which Income and Expense forms are needed. For an easier user experience follow the I&E Forms link(Link image) on your Parcel Details page.

Form Information

All financial records provided in response to this request are held by the Property Appraiser’s Office as confidential, pursuant to section 195.027 (3), Florida Statutes and are exempt from the provisions of section 119.07 (1), Florida Statutes (public records law).

If you recently sold or acquired the property, please complete the form for the period of ownership.

If the property is owner-occupied, please disregard this request.

You may also submit a profit and loss statement and/or rent roll instead of completing the form.

Also, please let us know if there are any Unusual Conditions (Such as Extraordinary Vacancies and/or the Physical Condition of the Building) which could affect the value of your property.

Should you have any questions regarding these forms or this request for information or to have a form mailed to you, please call the Commercial Appraisal Department of the Polk County Property Appraiser's Office at (863) 534-4777

Send Completed Forms and Documents

By Mail to:

Polk County Property Appraiser's Office
c/o Commercial Appraisal Department
255 N. Wilson Avenue
Bartow, Florida 33830

By E-Mail to:

By Fax to:

(863) 534-4753
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Friday, August 11, 2023

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Thursday, August 17, 2023

Missed the 2023 VAB deadline of September 11, 2023 and can show good cause? File a GOOD CAUSE PETITION.
2024 filing deadline
Friday, March 1st, 2024

You may file in person, via mail, email, or online.
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